Recent Book on Organic Photonics

Book on organic photonics including terahertz physics co-authored by members of Rainbow Photonics:
“Organic Electro-Optics and Photonics”, L. R. Dalton, P. Günter, M. Jazbinsek, O-P. Kwon and P. A. Sullivan, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2015)


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The book covers linear and nonlinear phenomena and devices based on organic materials. The first chapters focus on fundamental phenomena such as Pockel’s effect and electro-optic materials, and nonlinear optics and associated organic materials. In the later chapters, exotic materials, such as self-assembled materials, and organic crystalline materials such as ionic crystals, are analyzed for electro-optic effects. The last chapters cover photonics applications. The book is clearly written and beautifully illustrated. – Mircea Dragoman