Tunable narrowband Terahertz source

«Tunable narrowband source»

The TeraTune® provides a tunable narrowband terahertz source with a tuning range from 1.5 to 20 THz and a bandwidth of less than 100 GHz. The basic TeraTune® is based on a flash lamp pumped laser (repetition rate 50 Hz to 200 Hz) with a special optical parametric oscillator (OPO) where one wavelength is tuned electronically with a special design to keep the bandwidth below 100 GHz. Other diode pumped laser systems can be offered. The variable wavelength is calibrated and the THz difference frequency is computer controlled (tuning range 1 to 20 THz). Terahertz radiation is generated via frequency mixing in the novel organic nonlinear optical crystal DSTMS, ideally suited to achieve highest terahertz conversion efficiency.

The TeraTune® includes all optical, mechanical, electronic components for the generation of THz waves and software control.
THz frequency tunable 1−20 THz
Output THz pulse bandwidth < 100 GHz
Average THz power 1−10 μW
THz pulse energy 10−100 nJ
Linear polarization
– Spectroscopy with high beam power
– Remote Imaging
– Remote Sensing
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