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Terahertz generators and detectors are produced and optically prepared at the facilities of Rainbow Photonics in Switzerland.
Terahertz Generators and Detectors

«Terahertz to go»

Efficient optical rectification of femtosecond pump pulses
Efficient nonlinear optical difference frequency generation
Optimized for pump wavelengths of 1.2−1.6 μm; 0.7−0.8 μm
Efficient electro-optic THz detector
Aperture: 2, 3, 4 or 5 mm; others upon request
Damage threshold: 150 GW/cm2 @150 fs pulse length
Photon conversion efficiency: 2·10-4/MW-peak-power
Terahertz Generators and Detectors

Spectroscopy and analysis of materials in the THz range up to 12 THz.

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